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Support Legal Immigration Not Illegal Immigration

Recently many of the illegal immigration marches have indeed been called immigration marches, which in itself is deceptive. Additionally if you support immigration to this nation, then why support it carrying a foreign flag?

If you truly support immigration and this nation and you are truly exercising your right to free speech thanks to our Constitution perhaps then one might consider holding up an American Flag while demonstrating instead of a Mexican Flag in defiance of our laws here. Illegal Immigration is about jumping the fence or sneaking into our nation illegally.

You see, I support legal immigration to my country if an individual proves worthy to become one of us and pledges to support our nation's values, unity and strength. I do not support illegal immigration at all. I do not believe this to be a partisan issue; I believe this to be an American issue.

And I support counter viewpoints to a point. But I cannot support illegal aliens until I know who they are and what their intentions are, probationary period can prove that, tracking ID Cards and checks for diseases, prior criminality and character. We have too much to lose by indifference. This issue must be addressed correctly and implementation, streamlining and enforcement are key to getting it done. Consider this in 2006.

Source: www.coolimmigration.com